About me

Hi, I’m Carla, a licensed tourist guide for Rome and Province as well as for the Abruzzo Region; for over eight years I’ve been illustrating  the Eternal City’s centuries of history and art and its marvellous surroundings to visitors in Italian and French.

My vast experience in the sector – with groups of adults, schools, families and individual tourists –  enables me to meet the needs of every type of customer with the guarantee of a highly professional and efficient service.  I’ll be happy to help you discover all the riches of ancient Rome, following a memorable itinerary covering both famous sights and unknown treasures…

Why take a guide

Because in many cases you can avoid the queues, see more things in less time, obtain advice about where to eat, etc.  In addition, a guide always knows where everything is, even if it’s only a toilet…

The difference of a licensed guide

The law says that guides must have a licence obtained after a professional competence exam.  Guides without licences are illegal.  Despite this you will certainly find people offering you their services but you can never be certain about what they tell you.

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